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Robotics has experienced very rapid growth in recent years, in all sectors of the economy, with an increase in the use of autonomous mobile robots since 2020 of around 40% annually, depending on sectors. But there are still many challenges for robots to be able to interact with people, safely and without risk.

The learning capacity for correct and rapid decision-making that brings them closer to human capabilities are still challenges that remain to be resolved. Robotization will bring numerous benefits in terms of productivity, safety and increased quality of life in jobs and daily life. To give some examples, when in a few years the autonomous driving of vehicles reaches its highest level, the number of accidents will reduce, since the majority of them occur due to human error. It will also make driving easier for people with some degree of motor disability. Another clear example is found in the use of robotic exoskeletons, controlled from human biological signals, mainly brain and muscle. These devices will undoubtedly contribute to improving the quality of life of many people.

Of course, in the industrial sector, the replacement of dangerous jobs or those that take place in contaminated environments will result in the quality of the jobs, displacing people to positions supervising robots. And not only from the point of view of improving quality at work or in daily life, but also from the economic point of view, if according to the forecasts there is a future net increase in jobs, and a clear improvement in productivity and quality of manufactured products

Some of the trends pointed out in research and technological innovation in the industry for these coming years will be mainly oriented towards: the application of great advances in Artificial Intelligence allowing greater autonomy and safe presence in indoor and outdoor public spaces; human-robot collaboration with security guarantee; logistics applications for transportation and product handling, and teams of robots coordinating autonomously, increasing productivity.

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