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The best way to take advantage of all the technological potential that we put at your service is, without a doubt, to be part of one of our working groups in the speciality in which you want to develop your project.

Join dynamic communities where professionals share knowledge and collaborate on the implementation of innovative technologies.

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Objectives of the working groups

Sharing ideas and knowledge, technological collaboration between companies, experts and technologists. Because we are stronger as a unit, the best way to promote innovation is through participation in joint projects.

Why is it interesting to participate in the Aragón EDIH working groups?

Because in these meetings you will meet professionals and industry leaders, experts in the technology of your interest, who will help you in the correct development of your project.

You will have access to information about new technological trends, grants and subsidies, you will be able to join new projects and participate in making decisions that impact the industry.

Each working group is a small EDIH in itself, linked to a technology from which the project is developed. Which is yours?

Working groups

HPC Cloud

Cloud infrastructures

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Cognitive systems

Big data and Artificial Intelligence

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Solutions for warehousing and transport

Intelligent manufacturing

Improvements in the efficiency of business and industrial processes


Design of intelligent systems that interact with their environment

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