Service ‘Test Before Invest’

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Minimize risks with the 'Test Before Invest' service

Our technology laboratory offers you a Test Before Invest service, to help companies implement enabling technologies effectively, minimizing economic and implementation risks.

This service allows testing the viability of advanced digitalization projects before full implementation in companies.

Aragón EDIH is a benchmark for its maturity and specialization in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Systems and High Performance Computing in the Cloud (HPC-Cloud) technologies, especially applied in areas of knowledge such as intelligent manufacturing processes, robotics and logistics.

Why is 'Test Before Invest' important for your company?

We carry out tests that evaluate the potential of technology in your business environment and identify investment opportunities that will drive growth and efficiency.

How Test Before Invest works

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We listen to you and analyze your needs.

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We carry out tests through technology.

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We validate and provide a results report.

Advantages of trying before invest

One of the biggest risks of launching a new technology, or implementing it in a system that is already working, are the problems that arise throughout the process and that are very expensive to solve in the field.
With us you can be on the safe side before investing the first euro thanks to three pillars:

Resource optimization

We identify technologies that maximize efficiency.

Risk reduction

We minimize the risks associated with the implementation of new technologies.

Sustainable innovation

We promote innovation for long-term growth.


This Test Before Invest service has no cost to you and is 100% financed.

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