Aragon, a benchmark in digital innovation in Europe

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The Aragón EDIH sets the pace of technological innovation in Spain and a benchmark for the old continent, since our location was selected as the European Digital Innovation Center (EDIH), becoming part of the European network of EDIHs.

The EDIHs are based on centers of technological competence of excellence. They have the mission of promoting digitalization with cutting-edge technologies in the European innovation ecosystem. All of this, with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the production system, helping the development of differential technologies and leading digitalization in the European single market.

Objectives of the EDIH


Provide access to technical knowledge and proof of concept, of cutting-edge technologies, with the possibility of "trying before investing"


Provide innovation services, such as financial advice, training and development of digital capabilities essential for success in digital transformation


Helping companies address environmental problems, in particular by promoting the use of digital technologies to promote sustainability, efficiency and circularity.

EDIHs combine the benefits of a regional presence with the opportunities available from belonging to a pan-European network. This regional presence allows them to provide the services that local companies need, through the local innovation ecosystem.

The European coverage of the network facilitates the exchange of best practices between ecosystems in different countries, as well as the provision of specialized services across regions when the required competencies are not available locally.

The history of Aragon EDIH

The Aragon EDIH was born from an Aragonese initiative in 2017 that was launched by the Technological Institute of Aragon (ITAINNOVA), together with the Aragonese Development Institute (IAF) and the University of Zaragoza (UNIZAR) and whose objective was to promote digitalization in the Aragonese companies and organizations. Facilitate access to cutting-edge technologies and create collaboration networks, as well as new value chains for new digital markets.

In 2022, the European call for the “Digital Europe” Programme, coordinated by DGCONNET, selected 136 EDIH throughout Europe, of which 12 were Spanish, chosen from the 26 candidates preselected by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Spain, and one of them was the Aragón EDIH.

Currently and with the new Aragon entity EDIH, business organizations from Aragon (CEOE Aragón and CEPYME Aragón), regional ICT cluster (TECNARA) and the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services of Aragón (Cámaras Aragón) join the hub as partners. that contribute as connecting arms with the productive fabric and the companies that comprise it.

Center of excellence

In November 2023, the Aragón EDIH was awarded the BDVA i-Space Platinum label, a distinction held by only 7 reference centres throughout Europe. A quality seal that certifies excellence in Big data and Artificial Intelligence, assessing different indicators, which take into account infrastructure and data, services, projects by sectors, ecosystem and impact, sustainability and federation.

The i-Space Platinum (highest distinction) was awarded in Valencia, within the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) Summit, that brought together the main European leaders in the field.

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Aragón European Digital Innovation Hub is an innovation ecosystem that in 2022 was selected by the European Commission to be part of a wide network of European digital innovation centres.

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