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With Aragón EDIH you have an open window to the knowledge and experience of great professionals. Being part of our ecosystem, you are also part of other reference technological innovation and competence centers in 30 countries.

You can participate independently, as a partner, or even be part of the working groups and create your own mini-edih, where everything revolves around your project and you will have access to the resources of the European ecosystem.

How can I participate in Aragon EDIH?

Not member

You participate in the training itinerary, in events that we organize and you will be up to date with AEDIH news.

Aragon EDIH Partner

You are an active user of AEDIH's cutting-edge technologies and any of the services we offer.

Aragon EDIH collaborator

You are a partner and also a collaborator, taking part of the working groups of the European ecosystem.

You decide how to take advantage of all that we put at your disposal, if you want to participate in a specific part or in the whole.

You are always welcome at Aragon EDIH.

Contact us

If you need more information, we are looking forward to hearing about your project.