Module 1:
Digital Marketing (2023)


The main objectives of the module are:

  • Learn the most important concepts of digital marketing and its importance today.
  • Understand the behavior of the digital consumer, their profile and the tools to analyze it.
  • Develop skills to plan digital marketing strategies, set objectives, identify the target audience and analyze the competition.
  • Acquire knowledge and skills to generate effective content and promote the business through social networks.
  • Learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and how to build an effective SEO strategy, including On-page and Off-page factors.
  • Understand the importance of SEM and paid social networks in the digital marketing strategy, and learn how to create ads on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok) and how to optimize and measure the performance of advertising campaigns.


This module belongs to the SME digitalization program developed within the Aragon EDIH “Academy”. In the first part of the module, the student will learn about digital consumer behavior, strategic digital marketing planning, and effective content generation. In the second part, the student will learn the bases of SEO and SEM positioning to increase web traffic. In the third part, the student will learn about the full funnel strategy, the optimal platforms and how to create their buyer persona. Finally, the e-commerce strategy will be worked on, from the choice of sales and marketing channels to the optimization of the website and the management of data and reports for decision making.

1. Digital marketing (4h) (day: 8 june)

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Understanding the digital consumer
  • Strategic digital marketing planning
  • Content generation
  • Social Media Marketing

2. SEO/SEM: search engine positioning (12h) (day: 15, 20 and 22 june)

  • SEM-Google Ads (day: June 15)
    • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google Ads
    • SEM in the customer journey
    • Google Ads strategy elements
    • Google Ads: campaign objectives and main metrics
    • Types of campaigns: search, display and YouTube
  • Social Ads (day: June 20)
    • Social networks and main platforms
    • Advertising in Meta Ads (Instagram and Facebook)
    • Advertising on Linkedin Ads
    • Advertising on TikTok Ads
    • How to build an effective social media strategy
  • SEO (day: June 22)
    • Course details and introduction
    • SEO project
    • On-page factors
    • Off-page factors
    • Local SEO

3. Strategies for electronic commerce (4h) (day: 27 june)

  • Introduction
  • Design of the e-commerce strategy
  • Design and optimization of the e-commerce website
  • Digital marketing strategies for e-commerce
  • Data management and reports for decision making

4. Data analytics oriented to digital marketing and web environment (4 h) (day: 29 de june)

  • Introduction
  • Data sources and data collection in environments
  • Analysis of data
  • Reports and data presentation
  • Advanced data analysis tools

Who is this course aimed at?

It is aimed at those professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and SME staff who are interested in deepening the importance of digital marketing for their daily work.

Time, date and place

  • Total duration: 24 hours
  • Dates: June 8, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29, 2023
  • Hours: 4 to 8 p.m.
  • Place: Aragón Chambers Headquarters – P.º de Isabel la Católica, 2, 50009 Zaragoza
  • Maximum number of attendees: 15 people


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